Guitarist and Writer

John Lehmann-Haupt has played guitar since he was five years old, and he has been a professional writer since 1993. As a guitarist, he has built a distinctive solo repertoire, interweaving classical selections with his own arrangements of popular and traditional songs.

John's writing spans corporate communications, promotional literature, and music journalism. His work has appeared in the New York Times and several other publications, and his corporate clients include IBM, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

John Lehman-Haupt

The Guitarist

John Lehmann-Haupt received his first guitar on his fifth birthday. His childhood exposure to the recordings of guitarist Andrés Segovia alongside those by country, blues, and jazz artists brought him an early understanding of the guitar's extraordinary expressive range. John's intensive study of classical technique, harmony, and musical structure gave him the tools to embark on the twin paths of classical interpretation and song arrangement he has dedicated himself to ever since.

Over four decades of concert activity, John has found that his programs (usually with spoken commentary) appeal to an unusually broad audience, interweaving classical works with his fluently voiced arrangements of popular and traditional songs in a way that delivers both contrast and continuity.

John has written extensively on music and the guitar. He was a staff instructor at New York's American Institute of Guitar from 1982 until its closing in 2008, and he has served on the Board of Directors of the New York City Classical Guitar Society since 2006.

John Lehmann-Haupt performs his arrangement of "Ashokan Farewell": Purchase Sheet Music Watch Video

John Lehmann-Haupt performs his arrangement of "Ashokan Farewell": Purchase Sheet Music Watch Video

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Recordings and Publications

  • Songs of the Guitar II
  • Songs of the Guitar
  • 21st Century Cellists
  • Unsung Guitar
  • Swing Guitar Essentials
  • Ashokan Farewell
Songs of the Guitar II

Songs of the Guitar II

"As on the first Songs of the Guitar, I offer here a program that covers a lot of territory, with transitions that work in unexpected ways - from a traditional ballad to Bach, from the distant chime of Debussy's Et la Lune Descend to the warm murmur of Tim Hardin's Misty Roses, from Stevie Wonder's subtle, slinking Creepin' to the sweet blues of Jimmy Reed's Honest I Do." – John Lehmann-Haupt

"John Lehmann-Haupt again displays his considerable talents not only in performance but also in arranging non-guitar works for six nylon strings with creativity and impeccable sensitivity to the character of a wide range of genres." – Amazon review

Songs of the Guitar II is available on Amazon and iTunes

Notable Performances

John is also an acclaimed music journalist. Click through to see some samples of his work. Music Writings

The Writer

With his background in music, John began writing professionally in the area of music journalism, publishing articles in the New York Times and magazines including Acoustic Guitar, Strings, and Family Life.

In the late 1990s he expanded his work to include corporate communications and promotional writing for clients including IBM, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, and wine importer Frederick Wildman & Sons. From 2001 until 2017, John was on the corporate communications team at publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., writing for internal and external audiences alike.

From a 2011 employee communications survey conducted by publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; John was a member of Wiley's corporate communications team from 2001 until 2017.

Corporate Communications

Wiley Annual Report
Wiley Annual Report (Excerpt)

John contributed to the Wiley annual report from 2005 through 2011, drafting items such as these sidebars from the 2009 report.

Knowledge for Generations
Knowledge for Generations (Excerpt)

John conducted interviews and wrote several sections for the company history Knowledge for Generations: Wiley and the Global Publishing Industry, 1807-2007, such as this sidebar on the origin of the popular For Dummies brand.

CrossRef History
CrossRef History

A short history of CrossRef, provider of an online reference linking service used by virtually every scholarly publisher. John also wrote CrossRef's annual report every year from its incorporation in 2000 through 2015.

Promotional Writing

Etoiles (Excerpt)

Excerpt from the 26-page promotional food/wine/travel booklet Etoiles, for wine importer Frederick Wildman & Sons

Music Journalism

You Gotta Work the Room
"You Gotta Work the Room"

In this 1993 New York Times article, John gives a musician's-eye view of one of New York's premier restaurants.


Another New York Times article, on the resurgence of the acoustic guitar

Spirit of the Maestro
"Spirit of the Maestro"

An article on guitarist Eliot Fisk, for the magazine Acoustic Guitar. Fisk was very pleased with the article and had it posted on his Web site for several years.

Segovia Liner Notes
Segovia CD Liner Notes

From the booklet to the Deutsche Grammophon boxed CD set The Segovia Collection, the article "Segovia in the Recording Studio," based on an interview with Segovia's longtime producer Israel Horowitz

Technical and Science Writing

IBM Articles
IBM Article

An article from IBM's Think Research magazine on the encryption of DVD content

Woodworking Project Book
Woodworking Project Book

Credited as editor, John wrote the text of the woodworking project book Marvelous Transforming Toys in consultation with master craftsman Jim Mackowicki, listed as author.